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Between Identity - The Wolves

This album is a departure from the workflow of my previous albums and also introduces new vintage equipment to my studio. This includes Roland SH-101 and Juno-60 synthesizers, a Roland MC-505 drum machine and an Alternate Mode DK10 drum pad, which allowed me to use drumsticks to perform many of the rhythm tracks. Everything was multi-tracked through a 1980’s Allen & Heath analog console.

This album consists of the first recordings I made with this new equipment in 2016. It represents the point in time where I was feeling out the new possibilities. With most of the equipment I used being made in the 1980s and 90s, I believe this album has a vintage sound, which gets me closer to the music from my past that has been so influential.

Digital / Limited Edition CD
© 2018 Space In Sound

Between Identity - Redlands

Born from the same tape reels as my album Nocturnes, this album features my vintage Roland JX-3P recorded into my beloved AKAI GX-4000D 1/4″ Reel-Reel tape deck. Samples and field recordings were brought in to help tell a story. Lo-Fi Ambient.

Digital / Limited Edition CD
© 2017 Space In Sound

Between Identity - Nocturnes

Created during the late night hours in San Francisco. This album is inspired by the city at night, while longing, always, for the country.

I feel this is the closest I’ve come to a sleep album. It features my analog Roland JX-3P recorded into my beloved AKAI GX-4000D 1/4” Reel-to-Reel tape deck.

Digital / Limited Edition CD
© 2016 Space In Sound

Devils & Kings - Sad World

Live electroacoustic experimentation captured on 1/4" tape and brought into the digital world for editing and layering.

This 42 minute release takes a melancholy journey through our contemporary landscape. Thoughts on war, social justice, political disease, environmental destruction, unity and divide are heard throughout the album's build to the apocalyptic climax and rebirth of a new world.

Digital / Limited Edition CD
© 2008 Space In Sound

La Vista

Born from a spontaneous session between roommates and visiting cellist Tony Rogers (Okervill River, The Portland Cello Project, The Ahs).

Performances were captured on 1/4" tape, and brought into the digital world to be chopped up and layered over field recordings.


Digital Release
© 2008 Space In Sound

My Ambient Tipi

Created over the span of a year while living in a tipi. This album gives an aural depiction of the move from country life to the big city, and the inevitable return back.


Limited Edition CD
© 2004 Space In Sound